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The Koninklijke Vereniging «Het Friesch Paarden-Stamboek» (KFPS) has been registering Friesian horses since 1879. The FPS serves as an organization for registering and inspecting Friesian horses and also provides answers to general breeding questions such as those concerning breeding objectives.

Nowadays there are more than 40,000 horses registered with the studbook for 13,000 members worldwide. Outside of the Netherlands – in Europe, USA, South America, Australia and Africa, – these members are organized into their own national associations that maintain close ties with the KFPS.

Russian regional association, Nonprofit Partnership of Friesian Breeders, most known as Russian Friesian Association (RFA), was founded in 2008.

RFA objectives:

  • To provide Russian members of KFPS with the most essential information about Friesians;
  • To organize events for KFPS members in Russia, including clinics and inspection involving Dutch specialists.

RFA's web-site hosts publications in Russian and in English:

  • KFPS news and reports on the Russian events involving Friesians;
  • Information of the events for KFPS members, including inspections;
  • Articles about the breed, sales and upkeep;
  • KFPS and RFA Rules and Regulations;
  • KFPS and RFA membership terms and conditions and fees;
  • Contacts to stud farms and classifieds for Friesians sold in Russia.

In May 2010 KFPS with the support of RFA hold the 1st Studbook inspection in Russia.

In 2010 and 2011 RFA hold some clinics with the best Dutch experts on preparation and presentation of the horse to the inspection and IBOP.


Russian owners could contact KFPS directly. All postal and e-mail addresses in the Contacts section.

KFPS fees 2012, KFPS fees 2013

RFA fees 2011


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