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Friesian horses definitely going to the World Equestrian Games Print E-mail

What began 18 months ago as an interesting plan is now becoming a reality. Friesian horses will be participating in the opening show of the World Equestrian Games 2010. The opening show is scheduled for September 25, 2010. A unique Stallion Train will put in an appearance on this international stage. The composition of the Stallion Train is very special: the permanently established leading group will be flown in from the Netherlands. This leading group is made up of Ielke 382 ridden by Christa Laarakkers (who is also directing the show), Hans Meganck riding Rintje V, Susan Bouwman-Wind riding Marten Hendrik, and Casper van de Oostwal ridden by Saskia Meinema. The members of this leading group will be performing dressage movements at the Grand Prix level. The four horses in the second part of the train will be American sports horses. This will be three approved KFPS stud stallions (Fridse 423 Sport, Mintse 384 Sport and Lolke 371 Sport) supplemented by Eeltsje F. (sire: Fabe 348) owned by Paula Marsch. Also 2 extra Frisian stallions will join the show: Jerke 434 and Haitse 425, both owned by fam. Both.

The first Inspection in Russia is getting closer! Print E-mail

This week the KFPS judges will visit two locations in Russia.

Jury: Wilhelmus Theodorus Thijssen and Bauke de Boer.

KFPS representative: Annet Wouda, Staff Member Inspections.

Runners: Jelmer Chardon, Anita Riemersma.

Consistency is an evidence of skill and talent! Print E-mail

Once again the licensed 7 year-old Friesian stallion Jerke van Coudenburgh (Time 398 x Fetse 349) won his award. Jerke took part in all three stages of Bitza Dressage Open.

EQUIROS Spring 2010 exhibition which was held in EcoCentre Sokolniki on the 19, 20 and 21 of March, featured the Under the Sign of Horse evening horse show Print E-mail

Young riders from Moscow Zoo Pony Club presented their excellent star turns. The superb outfits they wore were designed and carefully made by their parents. Riders from Bitza, the champions of Russia in vaulting, showed a perfect performance. The viewers were fascinated by the complexity and great style of their tricks. Director's work in both performances is worth mentioning too.

Attention all breeders and owners Print E-mail
Monday, 29 March 2010 13:57

New KFPS prospect with information for the foreign members.
The prospect contains announcements of KFPS and information about identification and registration of Friesian horses.

Attention all Friesian Horses Fans! Print E-mail
Sunday, 14 March 2010 08:32

Russian Friesian Association supported by Kartsevo Stud-farm is announcing its participation in the evening show «Under the Sign of Horse» during Equiros 2010 exhibition on the 19, 20 and 21 of March.

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