EQUIROS Spring 2010 exhibition which was held in EcoCentre Sokolniki on the 19, 20 and 21 of March, featured the Under the Sign of Horse evening horse show Print E-mail

Young riders from Moscow Zoo Pony Club presented their excellent star turns. The superb outfits they wore were designed and carefully made by their parents. Riders from Bitza, the champions of Russia in vaulting, showed a perfect performance. The viewers were fascinated by the complexity and great style of their tricks. Director's work in both performances is worth mentioning too.

Equestrian theatre Czardas presented the most fascinating comic camel pas de deux, a joust of knights riding a camel and a draft-horse, and also a camel jumping over hurdles. Hot guys from the Presidential Escort of Honor regiment and from the Kremlin riding school displayed such masterly and most complicated stunts that spectators were cheering them from the beginning till the very end of their performance.

Friesians from Kartsevo were also warmly welcomed by the spectators. Their show featured 8 gorgeous horses, and included two fillies driving a cart. Two of the gags were styled to Russian national style and generated a storm of applause. The show was hosted by Anastasia Abramova who rode Anton B. Spectators have already seen this tandem in the performances at Equiros 2009 and Hypposphere 2009 exhibitions.


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