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11-06-2011 excellent specialists from the Netherlands Herman Smit and Jan Hendriks gave a first clinic for Russian owners and fans of Friesian horses. More than 20 enthusiastic participants followed this clinic in Kartsevo Stud.

The first and most important theme was IBOP suitability testing. We plan to hold IBOP in 2012 in Russia, that's why we wanted to know all about tests and training, in the details. Herman Smit had satisfied our curiosity as far as possible.

Herman Smit judges IBOP for Friesians, KWPN and others for many years. He has working for KNHS as well. In addition to presentation, he showed a few video clips with striking examples of IBOP, demonstrated rider's failings.

Then Jan Hendriks, experienced Studbook judge, provided us additional information about the exterior of the Friesian horse and the linear scoring technique (in theory and practice).

After the break, Herman Smit showed proper work with horse on the longe. Using this method, you can reach relaxation, suppleness and improve the quality of gaits.

The culmination of the day was 3 IBOP tests. The skills of riders and horses were different in all three pairs. All tests were commented upon by Herman.

We are very grateful to Jan and Herman for they generously shared their knowledge gained over decades of practice working with Frisian horses and KWPN!


P.S. At the end of the clinic Kartsevo Stud performed a show, a "pas de deux" on Friesian stallions.


"Clinic in Russia for enthusiastic Friesian lovers" on KFPS site.


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