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Moscow, 08-10-2011, Equiros — RFA held a clinic for horse owners and fans. The themes were preparing and presenting Friesian horse for the inspection and IBOP saddle test.

First of all, we'd like to express deep gratitude to Alla Polzunova, the president of Sodruzhestvo, the association of trotter drivers and lovers. She selflessly helped us to hold a clinic: all RFA activists were ill due to the flu.

For the clinic we used two stallions from Kartsevo Stud. Kartsevo hold an inspection in 2010, and some clinics with judges and trainers from the Netherlands were held there also. We have tried to share with the audience all the things we learned. First theme was inspection: preparing and training, linear scoring for the Friesian. Eugene Sharangovich and Stanislav Kurkaev showed a runner's work with Anton B.


After that we spoke of longe training. And final theme was IBOP: what for, how to prepare and how to ride. Eugene Sharangovich demonstrated IBOP saddle test on Jerke van Coudendurgh.


The clinic attracted great interest among the exhibition visitors. We hope this knowledge will be useful for them!


Яндекс цитирования КОНЕтоп Лошади и конный спорт