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Friday, 05 March 2010 14:45

Bitza Dressage Open was held on the 10th to 13th of February 2010. Several Friesian horses participated in the tournament among horses of other breeds. They competed for Kartsevo.

The first to go down a rather difficult course (Samsung) on the 12th of February was the seven-year-old Friesian stallion Jerke van Coudenburgh (Time 398 x Fetse 349). Jerke's partner and trainer Eugene Sharangovich made a mistake on the jumping course, which affected the result, but anyway thanks to the other riders' skills, Eugene and Jerke did a good job coming off third-best with a score of 63,92%.

On the next day, February, the 13th, the Children Preliminary Prize was on. In the contest for young horses Kartsevo had two five-year-old Friesian stallions Sjirk fan de "Kromme Jelte" (born 2005 – Jasper 366 x Tsjerk 328) and Sytse van de Sherylhoeve (born 2005 – Beart 411x Jurjen). Both were ridden by Eugene Sharangovich. The jury gave 66,087% and second place to Sytse van de Sherylhoeve, and 65,600% and third place to Sjirk fan de "Kromme Jelte" respectively. This is an indication of the ability of the Friesian horses to compete and to win among other sport breeds. Due to their level-headedness, willingness to work and obedient temperament, Friesians are becoming increasingly popular choice for dressage shows and are often seen in the winners lists.

A big and amiable heart, nice movements at every gait, an excellent build with abundant mane and tail make Friesians irresistible. They are very good at working closely with man and are always prepared to respond to any command of the rider, be it rain or sleet, or rumbling music. Confident and vigorous as they are, they are becoming increasingly popular among amateur and children riders.



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