Stallion Inspection Regulations Print E-mail

Current version: June 2009. We suppose, a number of changes will be made in these Regulations in 2012. Watch for updates!

KFPS Inspection Regulations Print E-mail

Members of the KFPS can have their horses and foals inspected according to the conditions stated below at local judging events, additional inspections organized by the breeding association, studbook inspections and foal inspections. The inspection of stallions for inclusion in the studbook register must be carried out according to the conditions stated in the Stallion Selection Regulations.

Rules of presenting a horse for the inspection Print E-mail

The inspection loves to see that a horse will be presented on a quiet and accurate way, at which the horse gets an optimal possibility to complete his walk, to make a carrying trot with suppleness. This is the best way to show the tact, regularity and balance of a horse. The reason why we want to do this, is to minimize the use of a whip.


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