Rules of presenting a horse for the inspection Print E-mail

The inspection loves to see that a horse will be presented on a quiet and accurate way, at which the horse gets an optimal possibility to complete his walk, to make a carrying trot with suppleness. This is the best way to show the tact, regularity and balance of a horse. The reason why we want to do this, is to minimize the use of a whip.

The inspection of a horse shall be happening by the following protocol:


  • For the first inspection must the horse been lined up with his side to the judge. The side of the manes must not be on the side of the judges.
  • The step must be showed in a triangle course, 1 time.
  • The trot must be showed around the whole arena for 2 rounds:
  1. little or no whip using.
  2. rattlebox is allowed.
  3. horse must go round the course twice.
  4. horse needs to walk on his own legs (means without help from the runners), at which tact, regularity, balance and suppleness are important elements, beside it stately placing of the hind-leg under the body and it stately placing forward of the front-leg.
  5. after the trot the horse must be lined up again or the judges say otherwise.

The judges can say that the horse must be showed different then it happens at that moment. We are counting on everybody’s assistance. We all have the same objective: to get an optimal assessment of a horse.


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