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Annichje fan Bokkum is the new champion!

DRACHTEN — Two days of Central Mare Inspection in Drachten, in the Dutch province of Friesland, where obviously the Friesian horse has its roots, led to the amazing result of 52 (provisional) Kroon mares, 11 Model mares and a variety of inspirational champions. Or, in the words of inspector Harrie Draaijer: “True champions of wealth, as we have seen so many wonderful horses here this weekend.”

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Pay your attention to the new KFPS digest for foreign members!


  • Rules for the identification & registration of foals;
  • Frozen semen from studbook stallions;
  • Central Inspection: September 16, 17 & 18, 2011 at the Friesch Congres Centrum in Drachten;
  • And new KFPS promo: blanket and clothing!

Download KFPS Studbook information for foreign members July 2011 (PDF).

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The Central Inspection 2010 will be held in the Fries Congrescentrum in Drachten. This year, October 22 & 23 are set as the dates for presenting the most beautiful and talented Friesian horses to a large group of enthusiastic spectators. Once again, the event is being scheduled for two days. On Friday’s schedule is the pre-selection for the Competition for Young Friesian Horses with Dressage Potential. The best of these mounts and riders will be invited to compete for prizes to be presented on Saturday afternoon. Both the pre-selection and final judging of harness horses will take place on Saturday.

The inspections will also be conducted on both days: the yearling and two-year-old mares and geldings will be inspected on Friday, and the mares three years of age and older will be inspected on Saturday morning.


Program for the Central Inspection 2010

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News about the World Equestrian Games 2010;
Rypke 321;
Meeting of the KFPS Council of Members;
Linear score form changed.

Studbook information for foreign KFPS-members, July 2010 (Adobe PDF, 1.2 Mb)

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The EQUIFORUM-2010 International Horse Industry Exhibition was held in CROCUS EXPO International Exhibition Center (Moscow) on the 28/06/2010 – 04/07/2010. During the evening show «Lord of the Wind» Friesian horses and riders from Kartsevo farm presented some nice performances, such as «Mystique», «Playful Quadrille», and «Romantic Pas de deux». Audience welcomed Friesians with applause.

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What began 18 months ago as an interesting plan is now becoming a reality. Friesian horses will be participating in the opening show of the World Equestrian Games 2010. The opening show is scheduled for September 25, 2010. A unique Stallion Train will put in an appearance on this international stage. The composition of the Stallion Train is very special: the permanently established leading group will be flown in from the Netherlands. This leading group is made up of Ielke 382 ridden by Christa Laarakkers (who is also directing the show), Hans Meganck riding Rintje V, Susan Bouwman-Wind riding Marten Hendrik, and Casper van de Oostwal ridden by Saskia Meinema. The members of this leading group will be performing dressage movements at the Grand Prix level. The four horses in the second part of the train will be American sports horses. This will be three approved KFPS stud stallions (Fridse 423 Sport, Mintse 384 Sport and Lolke 371 Sport) supplemented by Eeltsje F. (sire: Fabe 348) owned by Paula Marsch. Also 2 extra Frisian stallions will join the show: Jerke 434 and Haitse 425, both owned by fam. Both.

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